IMI TALKS | Time Management: Reviews vs. Writing and how Anna Day inspired me!

For an incredibly organised person, I am the worst at time management when it comes to my own projects. In terms of “real world jobs” I tend to work within administration as a receptionist/office assistant where my life is basically just being uber organised and such. Yet, when it comes to balancing my time between reading, writing and reviewing, I am honestly horrendous. If I was my own boss and had to give myself a reference, it would not be glowing.

…but for some reason, if I’m doing work for someone else I’m mega organised again. What is it with me?? Basically, I’m not writing and I wanted to get my first draft finished by my birthday (July) because I’ve been working on this book for so long but I haven’t been committed enough on a regular basis. I am the worst at telling myself I should write!


fandom-new-png-2_3_orig.jpgAnna Day, author of The Fandom, was at Northern YA Lit Fest at the weekend and was talking about her writing process. Anna is a clinical psychologist and single mother of two working around the clock to fit her writing into her busy life. She said during the Getting into Publishing panel that she has to binge-write for 48 hours on the weekends when her children are with their father, and it got me thinking. If a clinical psychologist and mother of two can find time, even if it’s binge writing, to write and edit and produce a novel worthy of publishing, then what the hell am I doing? I spend all my free time reading or reviewing or designing bookmarks when I should be using that time to write. I need to prioritise better and I’m starting to see that if writing is what I want  to do more than anything else, then I need to stop thinking “ugh only have an hour, I’ll do soemthing else”, I need to take that hour and use it to my best ability.

SO, and here’s the main reason why I’m writing this post, I’m going to be doing a new review format. I’m hoping this also means I’ll be able to review every book I read in some capacity as well, which is a bonus. I’m going to start doing a weekly reading and writing wrap up where I let you know what I’ve managed to read and how many words I’ve managed to write! Each wrap up will aim to have a few sentences on each book as well, kind of like a mini-review capturing the most important points.

Obviously, I may not always keep up with my one or more books a week rhythm (especially if I find more time to write) and in that case, I’ll skip the week and they’re be every other. Hopefully, I’ll still be able to get content out and review as much as I can.

TL;DR: I’m really bad at managing my time so I’m going to be focussing on my novel instead of reviews and giving weekly updates with mini-reviews instead of full length ones.


3 thoughts on “IMI TALKS | Time Management: Reviews vs. Writing and how Anna Day inspired me!

  1. jennyinneverland says:

    Great post! Time management is always tricky. Although I’m not an author nor writing a book (I’ve tried… twice) I have to manage my time between blogging and my online business as well as all the mundane “chores” like doing the washing and spending time with family etc. I can’t imagine how busy it must be, being a Mother of two, with a job and writing a book! I’m also a very organised person so thankfully I have a system that works for me! xxx


    • Imi says:

      I know right, Anna Day is a wonder! Time management is definitely a tough thing but I think I’m starting to manage balancing life and work with writing, reading, blogging and my bookmarks… maybe I just do too much 🙈


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